Band Website:
John Ginty Band


Band Members:

John Ginty -- Hammond B-3, piano
Mike Buckman --n bass
Dave Hedden -- percussion
John Hummel -- drums
Dave O'Donnell -- guitar
Pual Gerdis -- vocals


CD 1:
01. Intro
02. Savor
03. Faith In His Name
04. Calypso
05. Done Somebody Wrong
06. Life Alone

CD 2:
01. Departures
02. Arizona
03. Point A
04. Arrivals
05. Gospel Jam
06. Broken Lines

I really loved this CD. It's a double live CD and I was kind of disappointed that it didn't last long enough. This is really a fun record with some good music that makes you tap your foot as you listen along. John Ginty has worked with musicians such as Jewel, Santana, Sheryl Crow, Citizen Cope, and others so he is a very accomplished musician. His music is described as "outlaw gospel" and that seems like a pretty apt description. If you like hearing good jazzy rock then pick this up. You'll be glad you did.