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Nicki Jaine



01. Pretty Faces
02. Sound Of Girls
03. Near You
04. Pigeon Named Crow
05. Sometimes, Sunshine
06. Ich Bin von Kopf Bis Fuß Auf Liebe Eingestellt
07. Alabama Song
08. Amsterdam
09. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
10. One More Show

Nicki Jaine is someone I've had the pleasure to interview. She's so warm, passionate, and introspective in her interviews and she's also that way in her music. She has an awesome voice and is very reminiscent of Marlene Dietrich. Her style of music is known as goth/avant-garde and it's really captivating. Cabaret music was social commentary of the day and she pulls it off beautifully with her lyrics and style. I highly recommend getting this CD. She even does a song in German which sounds great.