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Therese Neaime



01. Keep It Up
02. Not Easy
03. Take Life As It Comes
04. Color Of Love
05. Overwhelmed
06. The Future
07. Back Against The Wall
08. In My Book Of Dreams
09. Here To Stay
10. You
11. The Night Has Come
12. How Could You Leave Me

This is a little more into the pop arena but nevertheless I felt it was something I'd like to people to get a hold of. It's basically a collection of very well written songs that are danceable to and very soulful and sexy vocals accompany the beats. Therese is Lebanese and has quite a reputation in that part of the world. It's nice to see people from the Middle East emerging in the pop and rock arena. Hopefully we'll see more of that. I loved all the songs and the production is very well done. Definitely a gem people must check out.