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Band Members:

Adam Mastrosimone -- vocals, bass
T-Money -- guitars, vocals
Mike SOS -- guitars, vocals
Travis Harrison -- drums, percussion


01. Bumblef*ck
02. Star Killers
03. Everything Must Go
04. Scenic Route
05. The Wedding Guy
06. Hopeless
07. Old No. 7
08. No Miracle
09. Slut
10. Middle Ground
11. Killing Time
12. Venice
13. Counsel to the Crown
14. Dead Before Noon
15. Rub & Tug
16. Can't Stop
17. Amputee

I love people from NYC. They are full of fucking attitude and this band sure is full of attitude. And that's a good fucking thing. You got a mix of punk, hardcore, metal, and rock for a recipe of good aggressive metal. The CD kicks your ass from start to finish and that's the way I like my shit.