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Band Members:

Chuck Billy -- vocals
Eric Peterson -- guitar
Alex Skolnick -- guitar
Greg Christian -- bass guitar
John Tempesta -- drums


01. The Preacher
02. The New Order
03. The Haunting
04. Electric Crown
05. Sins Of Omission
06. Souls Of Black
07. Into The Pit
08. Trial By Fire
09. Practice What You Preach
10. Let Go Of My World
11. The Legacy
12. Over The Wall
13. Raging Waters
14. Disciples Of The Watch

This is probably one of the best live CDs I've heard. The original lineup of Testament is back together and sounding better than ever. It's nice to hear that old school thrash sound live. These guys were part of the Bay Area thrash movement and it's amazing to see them 20 years later kicking people's asses. If you can't get enough of this CD, pick up the live DVD.