Band Website:
Los Dryheavers


Band Members:

Hector -- vocals
Felix -- guitar
Staxxx -- guitar
Cory -- bass
Flo -- drums


01. Waiting For A Change
02. Drink Fight
03. Promises Kept
04. Catastrophe
05. Ya Se Nos Fue
06. Little Runaway
07. Words Of Surrender
08. Padre Obrero
09. We Gotta Go
10. Never Said I Was Right
11. Tres Pecados
12. Why Try
13. Death Of Rock N Roll

This was a CD that came across my desk and I popped it into the player. You instantly get into this stuff. These guys are heavily influenced by the punk scene and all the songs are nice and melodic and toe tapping kind of shit. Some of the tunes are in Spanish which I think is really cool. These guys sound like they enjoy life and are out to have some fun. Great guitar riffs and vocals that deliver, this CD is sure to be a hit at any beer keg party.