Band Website:
Lost Eden


Band Members:

Norio -- vocals
Adachi -- guitar
Run -- guitar
Daisuke -- bass
Masahide -- drums


01. Seed
02. Squeeze
03. Equation 999
04. Forsaken Last
05. Time Damages Me
06. Sandglass
07. Black Report
08. Planetoid
09. Story And Reality
10. Before Burning To Ashes

This is a metal band out of Japan who has a really good music scene of their own. I listened to this record a few times and each time I listen to it I find something new about it. Their music is described as a mixture of metalcore and Scandinavian death metal so they definitely have quite a few influences. If you enjoy melodic music with catchy riffs and a mixture of death metal screams with melodic singing, this is a really good album to listen to. They also use acoustic guitars and keyboards throughout the record. I notice that a lot of people complain that these guys are not original. Well, in a genre that's been around for several years and has loads of bands playing the same thing, it's hard to be original. However these guys are heavily influenced by bands such as In Flames and Trivium and play in the same style. Don't most bands do this? I think they do. I think for a debut album these guys did a very good job and are very talented musicians. I also think they will continue to grow and expand as musicians and their future work will more than likely outshine their first attempt at this. Over all the record is very enjoayble and I will be listening to it more and more.