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Judd Starr



01. Starting Over
02. The Letter
03. May 22nd
04. Time Alone
05. Firefly
06. Nothing Was All That You Gave
07. Anything
08. Not Too Good To Be True
09. More Than Empty
10. Let's Play Commadant
11. Falling Down Again
12. Concrete Castles
13. Phantom
14. Why Don't We Go

I read that this CD was made up of musical experiences from his childhood until he finally recorded the CD. That's a long time to have music cooped up inside of you. He apparently did all of the instrumentation himself and wrote everything himself and produced it himself. I thought the CD was very well done. The instrumentation is quite excellent as I guess it would be when you're tracking everything yourself. The music was very melodic with great vocals and there was definitely a good variety of material.