Band Website:
Lux Occulta


Band Members:

Jaro.Slav. -- vocals
Peter -- guitar
U. Reck -- keyboards
Martin -- bass
Vogg -- guitar
Kriss -- drums


01. Breathe In
02. Mother Pandora
03. Architecture
04. Most Arrogant Life Form
05. Yet Another Armageddon
06. Gambit
07. Midnight Crisis
08. Pied Piper
09. Missa Solemnis
10. Breathe Out

This CD was originally released in 2001 and the band has been described as avant-garde which is definitely applicable. They're a potent mixture of black metal, progressive metal, jazz, and some other strange and bizarre elements including what sounds like some techno music. Someone even mentioned that there's some trip hop in there. It's really weird shit to listen to which makes it must have in any black metal collection. It has weird lyrics. Like the first song has some really incestuous lyrics that people in Appalachia would be proud of. All in all this record was a really good listen and I just love the musical variety you get on it. There are songs that are definitely metal and some that aren't even close but it all ties in together. "Gambit" sounds a bit industrial which is a pleasant surprise. Definitely a very consistent album and a band that I would recommend for more adventurous souls.