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Band Members:

Michel Isberg -- guitars, vocals
Mano Lewys -- guitars
Peter Berg -- bass
Fredrik Klingwall -- keyboards
Johan Westman -- drums


01. Cold
02. Reason Is The Truth
03. I Divine
04. Dead Man
05. Delirium In Vengeance
06. Bloodline
07. Decide By Pain
08. The Passing
09. Waiting For The Wave

Machinery hails from the great nation of Sweden and their music is described as a mixture of thrash, death metal, and traditional metal. Quite a good number of influences there. The record itself is quite interesting and varied. The songs are basically a combination of melodic tunes and at times very heavy, brutal tunes. They all manage to flow together quite well and make the record really appealing. The more melodic songs of course involve melodic singing whereas the more brutal ones devolve into growling. All in all it's a very solid and well crafted record that holds the listener's attention throughout and doesn't reek of sameness or repetitiveness.