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Audra Mae -- vocals, guitar, music


01. The River
02. The Fable
03. Eli, The Barrow Boy
04. One Silver Dollar
05. Sullivan's Letter

It was a real treat to listen to this CD. Audra Mae sings folksy type songs with a haunting voice that mesmerizes the listener. Apparently she's been penning songs from the time she was six based on things she'd seen, heard, and done. She reminds me of a young Joan Baez. Her songs are mostly accompanied with an acoustic guitar and drums even though other instruments come into play but don't take away from the starkness. She definitely creates a rather dreamy, spooky atmosphere. None of the songs are overdone. Definitely a recommended listen if you're looking for something a bit different than the normal fare. Interesting trivia, Judy Garland was her great aunt on her mother's side.