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Band Members:

Tony Clarkin -- guitars
Bob Catley -- vocals
Mark Stanway -- keyboards
Jimmy Copley -- drums
Al Barrow -- bass


01. When We Were Younger
02. Eyes Wide Open
03. Like Brothers We Stand
04. Out Of The Shadows
05. Dragons Are Real
06. Inside Your Head
07. Be Strong
08. Thank You For The Day
09. Your Lies
10. Desperate Times
11. You'll Never Sleep

I have another CD by this band and I really enjoy their music a lot. These guys have been around since the '70s and their music started out being pretty progressive and eventually leaned more toward hard rock. They've kind of gotten back to their roots and there's definitely some great material on this release. They've taken a lot of things out of their past and crafted a well written record. This is their first release since 2004 and I think it's their best. It's melodic hard rock with very evocative lyrics that deal with some heavy subject matter and there isn't a single track on here that I don't enjoy. It seems like they pulled out all the stops to create something grandiose and a bit progressive.