Band Website:
Gamma Ray

Band Members:

Kai Hansen -- guitars, lead vocals
Henjo Richter -- guitars, keyboards
Dirk Schlächter -- bass
Daniel Zimmermann -- drums


01. My Temple
02. Fight
03. Strange World
04. Hell Is Thy Home
05. Blood Religion
06. Condemned To Hell
07. Spiritual Dictator
08. Majesty
09. How Long
10. Revelation

This is yet another solid release by the guys in Gamma Ray. I have enjoyed this band for a long time and they always manage to kick ass with solid guitars, great choruses, and strong lyrical content. You've got the double bass going on and I would say that the vocals are pretty majestic. Definitely a good choice of title I would say. The music is energetic and I would say most of the songs on here are exceptional. I can't say that I found any filler material at all. The production on this album is excellent. No flaws. I think if you're a Gamma Ray fan this album is a must have. If you're not, you need to get into this band.