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Band Members:

Page Townsley -- lead, rhythm, & acoustic guitars, vocals
John Voelker -- rhythm guitars, vocals
Remy Cameron -- drums, percussion
Jeremy Partin -- bass guitar


01. Maleficus
02. The Line That Divides
03. Threshold Of Empowerment
04. Legion Of Martyrs
05. Misery Embrace
06. Ashes
07. Wrath Wrought Ruin
08. Fall Unto Chaos

These guys are from fucking Arkansas. Can you get over that? Arkansas and death metal? I love it! And these guys kick ass. I understand that Colin Davis helped produce this CD and it is a great piece of work. It's got that great double bass drum at work and the guitar riffs are nice and heavy. And naturally you have the death metal growls. For a band that's doing everything on its own, I think they did an outstanding job.