Band Website:
Bob Catley


Band Members:

Bob Catley -- vocals
Vince O Regan -- guitars
Irvin Parratt -- keyboards
Al Barrow -- bass
Jamie Little -- drums


01. Heart of Stone
02. Moment Of Truth
03. In The Name Of The Cause
04. Blinded By A Lie
05. Last Snows Of Winter
06. Spirit Of Man
07. The Fire Within Me
08. Judgement Day
09. Lost To The Night
10. Beautiful Mind
11. Walk On Water
12. End Of The Story

Okay, I have to say that this CD is incredible. This guy is a fantastic singer. Matter of fact this guy was in a called Magnum which is a very good band. I was so glad to see some more vocal work by this guy come across my desk. The CD is full of heavy rock songs that have catchy tunes and great songwriting. Three songs I really enjoyed was "Spirit Of Man", "Fire Within Me", and "Last Snows Of Winter". Those songs really reached out and grabbed me big time. I think that if you're a big fan of good rock music then this release is definitely for you.