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Band Members:

Michael Cook -- vocals
Kyle Howard -- keyboards, guitars
Shane Howard -- guitars
Will Thackeray -- guitars
Chad Baumgardner -- bass
Steve Vonderheide -- drums


01. Blank Eye Stare
02. Art Of Death Infernal
03. In Death We Burn
04. Set a Fire In Our Flesh

When I was in the Air Force I met someone from Montana for the first time in my life. I said "wow, people live in Monatana. Where the men are men and the sheep run scared." This band hails from that very state. This EP was but a mere taste. Four appetizing flesh ripping songs. These guys come out on fire and kick you in the guts with kickass guitar riffs, heart pounding drumming, and kickass vocals. I think people need to obtain this disc and let's hang tight for the full length.