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Band Members:

Mikey Heppner -- vocals, guitar
Mike Dyball -- bass
Vince Nudo -- vocals, drums
Dan Watchorn -- vocals, guitar


01. I Am The Night, Colour Me Black
02. Lay Down
03. Run Home
04. Two Kids
05. Talk To Her
06. Time Will Cut You Down
07. Everything That You Are
08. The Shakes
09. Performance
10. Living Like A Dog
11. No Real Pain
12. Blood

This was a pretty killer listen. These guys hail from Montreal, Canda and are a pretty heavy band. The songs are catchy. They remind me of music from the 70s and 80s with a fresh touch. The guitar riffs are chunky and you have solos as well. You can sing along with the tunes and you'll find yourself doing that often. I found that the songs were also pretty varied as far as style which definitely keeps your interest. If you're a hard rock fan I think you'll really like this.