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Band Members:

Mike DiMeo -- vocals
Roland Grapow -- lead &rhythm guitars, bass
Jan S. Eckert -- bass
Axel Mackenrott -- keyboards
Mike Terrana -- drums


01. Phoenix Rising
02. Warrior's Cry
03. Lost And Gone
04. Keeps Me Burning
05. Take Me Over
06. I'm Gonna Win
07. Watching The World
08. Call The Gypsy
09. Trust In You
10. Masterplan
11. Enemy
12. Heart Of Darkness

I've had the opportunity to listen to some of the music of this band before and I was really impressed by them. On this particular release they had a change in personnel and wound up wiht Mike DiMeo on vocals who as everyone knows was the vocalist for Riot and for a very cool band called The Lizards which features Randy Pratt and Bobby Rondinelli. They also now have Mike Terrana on drums from the band Rage. I see that some folks are disappointed that Jorn Lande left but the music is still quite high quality and I think Mike DiMeo does an exemplary job on vocals. This band is still a star lineup of very talented musicians. I definitely haven't found any filler tracks on this record. One of my favorite tunes on this record is "Warrior's Cry". The riffs and drums on this track are definitely incredible. It's a fast moving song. "Keeps Me Burning" is a very catchy song with a great melody and wonderful keyboard work on it. "Call The Gypsy" is also a very memorable song. All in all the tracks are lively and the two new members fit in well. The sound hasn't changed as much as people might think so check the record out.