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01. A Town Called Malice - The Jam
02. El Matador - Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
03. It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
04. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Titan
05. Manila Fiasco - Rolfe Kent
06. Garbageman - The Cramps
07. In The Heat Of The Moment - Asia
08. Bahia Blanca - Ramon Stagnaro
09. A Mi Guitarra - Daniel Indart
10. Matador Theme - Rolfe Kent
11. One Night In Mexico - Rolfe Kent
12. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning - Dave Van Norden
13. No Te Rajes - Mariachi "La Estrella"

A movie with Pierce Brosnan in it. Yes, he is my favorite actor so it was really cool to review a CD for the movie The Matador. One thing I have to say is that the tracks definitely fit the movie. There's such a wide variety of musical genres and tunes that definitely go along with the theme of the movie. And one can't listen to the soundtrack without getting into the music itself. I think using "A Town Called Malice" as an opening track was brilliant because it has you rockin along with the song and prepares you for the rest of the CD. It's also got Asia's "In The Heat Of The Moment" on it so you know whoever put the soundtrack together had good taste. It also includes Tom Jones' tune "It's Not Unusual" and we know how women swoon over him. It also has some Spanish songs on it that are very cool to listen to. You will love them. So pick up the CD and enjoy some good tunes.