Band Website:
The Matadors


Band Members:

Jonas Jonsson -- drums
Andreas Bergstrom -- guitars, vocals
Johan Anderberg -- bass
Lars Andersson -- guitar


01. 21st Centruy Monotony Disco
02. New Wave Coke
03. The Fresh
04. The Duel
05. Ahead Of My Time
06. Down In The Dumps (Like Nobody Else)
07. So You Judge Me From The Volume Of My Band
08. Tango De La Muerte
09. Like A Matador Pt I
10. The Lucious Cabaret
11. Mere A Cipher
12. Ode To L&G
13. Ditched On A Pile
14. Flame The Whisper
15. Sod's Law
16. Just Like Lucy Said

This was a pretty interesting listen. It's got an interesting array of songs on it. These guys are pretty much influenced by everything and they incorporate it in their songs. For those who are into really good rock and roll and fans of early KISS, these guys are what you're looking for. Definitely an original band.