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Band Members:

Leif Hedstrom -- vocals, guitar
Juha Immonen -- vocals
Aino Piipari -- violin
Max Lilja -- cello
Tomi Koivunen -- electric bass
Alpo Oksaharju -- drums


01. Break Out The Hammers
02. Worth Fighting For
03. Iota
04. As Far As The Eye Can See
05. Only Human
06. Bleed The Day
07. Beg To Differ
08. Hold Fast
09. New Hope
10. Last Drop Of Innocence

This is a band from Finland which has six members in it and I love them. Not only do you have your usual instrumentation but they also incorporate a cello and a violin. There are a lot of different elements in their music such as death, gothic, thrash, metalcore, and progressive rock. They touch it all. It's a debut album for these guys and they definitely have covered every corner. The vocals range from yells to clean singing and the musical passages are diverse. I love this band and look forward to more material. And guess what? No fillers! Pick up the CD.