Band Website:
Malea McGuiness


Band Members:

Malea McGuiness -- vocals, keyboards
Scott Hackwith -- guitars, bass, keyboards
Justin Asher -- guitars, bass, keyboards
Shaun Hettinger -- piano
Matt Tecu -- drums
Charlie George -- drums
Bob Hamel -- drums
Mike Ebersohl -- drums


01. Dreamer
02. Love Me Don't Forsake Me
03. True Believer
04. Brave In Your Arms
05. Deeper
06. Too Beautiful To Stay
07. I Never Cry
08. Spinning
09. Sweet Light
10. No Man's Land
11. Where Does Love Go
12. In & Out Of Blue
13. Waves
14. Ave Maria

This CD was a real treat to listen to. Malea reminds you of so many wonderful female vocalists of the past and it's great to be able to listen to this type of music. It's got a very folksy quality to it that never goes out of style and always stands the test of time. It's the kind of CD that you can listen to 20 years from now and still love it as much as you did the first time. There's some great musicianship on this record and the songs are very nice and varied. No two songs are alike. She sounds very confident in all of her songs and seems very comfortable as a vocalist. All in all a great first effort.