Band Website:
Pat McGee

Band Members:

Pat McGee -- vocals, guitars
Chardy McEwan -- percussion
Chris Williams -- drums
Brain Fechino -- guitars
Todd Wright -- keyboards, vocals, guitars
Chris Reardon -- bass, vocals


01. Beautiful Ways
02. Must Have Been Love
03. You And I
04. Now
05. Don't Give Up
06. At It Again
07. Annabel
08. Never Around
09. Wonderful
10. Set Me Free
11. Shady
12. Annabel
13. Don't Give Up
14. Now
15. You And I
16. At It Again

I had never heard these guys before but I liked it. Very harmonious stuff and very mellow too. The lyrical content is pretty passionate and well written. It's good rocking music and the songs I like especially are "Annabel", both versions and "Now". Definitely worth picking up.