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Greg Medero


Band Members:

Greg Medero -- vocals, nylon acoustic guitar, lead guitar
Pat Navarre -- acoustic guitar, lead guitar, electric guitars
Michael Loman -- keyboards, hammond B3
Corky Difini -- keyboards, synthesizers
Rafael Ortiz -- bass
Henry Soriano -- drums
Jim Richmond -- alto sax


01. Imagining You
02. Lost Melody
03. Rescue Me
04. Face To Face
05. Let's Dance
06. Beat Of Your Own Heart
07. The Dream
08. Carousel
09. My Umbrella
10. Missing You (Sunday Song)

I popped this in the CD player and I really enjoyed it. Great songwriting, great melodies, good lyrics, and just a really nice voice to listen to. I know this music is a little mellow for the webzine but if you enjoy really good music with melodic singing and lyrics about love lost and love found then you'll really enjoy this CD. Apparently these songs tap into experiences that Greg Medoro has gone through in life and that always makes for really good, sincere songs that people can relate to. All in all, the songs are beautiful, romantic, and quite touching. Definitely highly recommended.