Band Website:
Meliah Rage


Band Members:

Anthony Nichols -- guitar
Jim Koury -- guitar
Paul Souza -- vocals
Stuart Dowie -- drums
Jesse Johnson -- bass


01. Permanently Damaged
02. God And Man
03. Undefeated
04. The Deep And Dreamless Sleep
05. Twisted Wreck
06. Curse
07. Last Of The Wanted
08. Take What You Want

This band formed 20 years ago and they're a thrash band out of Boston. With the exception of vocalist Mike Munro, you have the original lineup. They added Paul Souza a while back and Stuart Dowie has returned to the fold. What's cool about the album is that they stick to their roots while incorporating power metal and modern influences. I feel the cool thing about this CD is that they follow their normal way of things while making their music more accessible to more people. At the same time it's still aggressive music. Some people complain that it's a rather short CD in that there's only a little over a half hour of music but sometimes music is good in short doses. The worst thing you can do is have an hour's worth of music and it be complete and utter shit. I think the two best tunes on the cD were "Twisted Wreck" because it's just such a fun song and "Curse" because it's pure fucking thrash. All in all a pretty good release and definitely a good album to mosh along with.