Band Website:
Black Light Burns


Band Members:
Wes Borland -- vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard
Danny Lohner -- bass, guitar, keyboards
Josh Freese -- drums, percussion
Josh Eustis -- keyboards


01. Mesopotamia
02. Animal
03. Lie
04. Coward
05. Cruel Melody
06. The Mark
07. I Have A Need
08. 4 Walls
09. Stop A Bullet
10. One Of Yours
11. New Hunger
12. I Am Where It Takes Me
13. Iodine Sky

Let me be the first to say that unlike other websites, I have used the actual CD cover that I got because I don't see anything wrong with genatalia be it male or female. Someone showed me a review that said something along the lines of "oh if you knew what the real cover looks like..." A penis is a penis. We've all seen them and if you haven't seen one you must live in a convent. Anyway I was never a Limp Bizkit fan. Just couldn't get into that band. So I was wondering what this CD would sound like. I'm glad to see that this sounds nothing like Limp Bizkit. I think it was the name that came of retarded. There's a good variety of material on here. Enough to keep my interest. The songs are melodic and catchy. The musicianship is tight and like Borland says it's big on drums. The guitar riffs are aggressive and there's a lot of electronica as well. I'm a big fan of industrial and this really caught my attention. Borland is quite the frontman as well. Definitely a disc worth looking into.