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Band Members:

Mattias Engström -- guitar, vocals
Daniel Grahn -- guitar, vocals
Carl-Johan Lindblad -- drums
Henrik Eriksson -- bass


01. Breathless
02. Wind-Up
03. Forever Discounted
04. Eternal Failure
05. Judgement
06. Cover It Up
07. Dead Ends
08. Game
09. Stop Those Waves
10. Save The Day
11. Breed The Disorder

These guys hail from the music mecca known as Sweden and apparently this is their debut album and they definitely come out swinging. The songs are very diverse and intense. The tempos change so much that you wonder how everyone keeps up but they do. They're definitely what I consider very technical with a kind of brutality about them. They're in the vein of Mastodon and Opeth but they are also quite unique in their sound. The musical compositions are very complex making several twists and turns punctuated with death metal growls that make your hair stand on end. There's also a bit of melodic vocals as well. Three songs that caught my attention were "Breed The Disorder" which is a bit long at five minutes and sounds very symphonic, "Cover It Up", and "Dead Ends". I think this is only a taste of what's to come so pick it up and turn it up to 10.