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Band Members:

Fernando Ribeiro -- vocals
Mike Gaspar -- drums
Pedro Paixao -- guitar, keys
Ricardo Amorim -- guitar, keys


01. In Memoriam (intro)
02. Finisterra
03. Memento Mori
04. Sons Of Earth
05. Blood Tells
06. Upon the Blood Of Men
07. At The Image Of Pain
08. Sanguine
09. Proliferation
10. Once It Was Ours
11. Mare Nostrum
12. Luna
13. Best Forgotten

This is a pretty intense release. The music is very powerful and dark. It seems like a mixture of thrash, death metal and doom with a bit of goth mixed in. I really enjoyed "Finisterra" and "Luna". Those two stuck out most. "Finisterra" has ass kicking double kick and Fernando really belts that shit out. "Luna" really got me because it's very melodic song with clean vocals. The vocals vary a bit on this record and I like the synthesizers. Definitely a very heavy release.