Band Website:
Messiah's Kiss


Band Members:

Mike Tirelli -- vocals
Georg Kraft -- guitars
Wayne Banks -- bass
Eckhard Ostra -- drums


01. The Ancient Cries
02. Babylon
03. Where The Falcons Cry
04. Dragonheart
05. Thunders Of The Night
06. Steelrider
07. City Of Angels
08. Nocturnal
09. Northern Nights
10. Open Fire
11. The Ivory Gates

I notice that a number of people are complaining about this just being another power metal band out there that sings about all the cliche things that power metal bands sing about. That may be so but I have to say they do it well. If you like the sort of sci-fi storylines which I have to admit I do like then you will definitely enjoy this release. What I like the most about power metal bands is the soaring melodies and the outstanding vocals that you hear on this stuff. On this particular release you get outstanding guitar work, double bass drum work, and outstanding vocal abilities. Whether you like the song titles or lyrics or not, you can't overlook the instrumental magic that these guys produce.