Band Website:
Metal Church


Band Members:

Ronny Munroe -- vocals
Kurdt Vanderhoof -- guitars
Rick Van Zandt -- guitars
Steve Unger -- bass
Jeff Plate -- drums


01. The Company Of Sorrow
02. The Perfect Crime
03. Deeds Of A Dead Soul
04. Meet Your Maker
05. Monster
06. Crawling To Extinction
07. A War Never Won
08. Mass Hysteria
09. Breathe Again
10. Congregation

This is Ronny Munroe's third album with the band and he has definitely settled in. He had some big shoes to fill and he did it quite well. He sings with confidence and passion. The entire album delivers quality songwriting and playing that tells you that these guys were definitely driven to put out a solid record. And they did. The instrumentation on this record is absolutley flawless and is very tight and cohesive. There's a variety of tempos and they all flow together flawlessly. The lyrical content is also quite outstanding and very positive. This band has been around for quite some time and they have consistently put out solid records and it's great to see that they have once again risen to the task. There are great guitar riffs, solid drumming, and just an enthusiasm and energy that must be listened to, to be believed. Get ready for church to be in session soon!