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Paul McCartney


01. Spiritus
02. Gratia
03. Musica
04. Ecce Cor Meum

Once again we're off the beaten path but I am a huge Beatles fan. Grew up on that stuff along with other good things like The Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley which led me to appreciate a lot of the music I like today. Anyway this is a rather interesting side of Paul McCartney the I didn't know was there. He bassically put together an opera and quite honestly it's beautiful. The orchestra, the chorus, and the soloists do an outstanding job. Paul really did something magical here. It's not rock and roll or anything like it but it's totally amazing. I'm totally astonished. I'm not really into opera but I'm totally fascinated by this. It's aboutlove, peace, and hope and we all wish for that don't we?