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Lisa Dawn Miller


Band Members:

Lisa Dawn Miller -- vocals
Chris Hardin -- piano, synth
Howard Richman -- piano
Dave Hart -- acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica
Dave Richardson -- piano, synth
Mark Matson -- drums, piano
M.B. Gardy -- drums


01. You Were There
02. If I Could
03. We've Been Here Before (Duet W/Clint Holmes)
04. Someone Like You
05. Smile
06. My Buddy
07. I Won't Remember Ever Loving You
08. Out Here On My Own
09. For Good (Duet w/Sandy Hackett)
10. Over The Rainbow
11. I Want To Come Back As A Song
12. Life Saved You For A Rainy Day (Duet w/Sandy Hackett)
13. Fly Away
14. For Once In My Life (Duet w/Michael Amante)

This lady definitely has a very good voice. She is the daughter of legendary Motown producer Ron Miller and a lot of the tunes on this CD were written by him. All of the songs are very beautiful songs and are quite artfully arranged and definitely suit Lisa's vocal abilities. A few of the songs are duets including two with her husband who by the way is the son of comedian Buddy Hackett. All of the songs have a pretty comfortable, cozy feel to them. It's a very well produced record where the songs flow together quite easily. If you're looking for a nice musical gem out of the ordinary then check out this CD. Don't forget to read the liner notes where Lisa discusses each song. Makes for a very nice read.