Band Website:
Zero Hour

Band Members:

Jasun Tipton -- guitars, keyboards
Mike Guy -- drums
Troy Tipton -- bass
Fred Marshall -- vocals


01. Intro
02. There For Me
03. Destiny Is Sorrow
04. Brain Surgery
05. Losing Control
06. Twice The Pain
07. Somnecrophobia
08. A Fragile Mind
09. Intrinsic

My first introduction to this band was when they released Towers Of Avarice. It's definitely a pleasure to hear some more of this band's material. They apparently have a new vocalist named Fred Marshall who is definitely excellent at what he does. He has a great voice and an excellent vocal range which is important in this type of music. There are more keyboards on this release which is a pleasant change. I also thought the guitar playing was totally excellent and technical as always. The bass kicks in on an equal level with one hell of a groove. I was totally impressed with the drummer's ability to do irregular beats and different time changes. The songwriting has definitely changed and the band has matured a lot. The production is also very well done. I would definitely suggest picking up this release.