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Band Members:

Rayner Coss -- bass, vocals
Leon Macey -- guitars, drums

Mithras - Behind The Shadows Of Madness


01. The Journey And The Forsaken
02. To Fall From The Heavens
03. Under The Three Spheres
04. Into Black Holes Of Oblivion
05. When The Light Fades Away
06. Behind The Shadows
07. Awaken Man And Stone
08. The Twisted Tower
09. To Where The Sun Never Leaves
10. The Beacon Beckons
11. Thrown Upon The Waves
12. Into The Unknown

I'm a big lover of death metal however sometimes it can all start sounding the same. These guys are a bit different. This release is a death metal release with I guess you could call ambient or psychedelic overtones which makes it pretty unique. The guitar work is absolutely phenomenal and sometimes even sounds like they're using synthesizers. The music is atmospheric at times but still has an underlying aggression and brutality to it. It's definitely not mellow by any means. And amazingly enough it's created by a duo instead of four or five guys. I think their musical compositions are very innovative and intricate without sounding too technical. All in all, I think this is a body of work that people really need to check out.