Band Website:
The Mob

Band Members:

Reb Beach -- guitar
Timothy Drury -- keyboards
Doug Pinnick -- vocals
Kelly Keagy -- drums
Kip Winger -- bass


01. One Track Mind
02. Wait
03. The Magic
04. I Will Follow
05. Guitar Solo
06. Never Get Enough
07. Love Will Carry On
08. Turn To Stone
09. No Reason Why
10. Spaghettin Western
11. I Want To Live Forever

Are you looking for a good rocking record? Then you need to pick this one up. This is truly a super group of superb musicians and I was pretty surprised to find out who all was in this band. What's interesting is that you find a bit of Winger, Night Ranger, and King's X all mixed into one which isn't a bad combination. There's a good variety of material on here with grooving rock songs and ballads and instrumentals. The drummer lends lead vocals to "The Magic" which is a very cool ballad. All in all you have an 80's record with a very modern approach and I think Doug Pinnick's vocals are great. All in all this is definitely a good rocking record.