Band Website:
Mob Rules


Band Members:

Arved Mannott -- drums
Klaus Dirks -- vocals
Markus Brinkman -- bass
Sascha Onnen -- keyboards
Sven Ludke -- guitars
Matthias Mineur -- guitars


01. Prologue
02. Unholy War
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Fuel To The Fire
05. Veil Of Death
06. The Last Farewell
07. Day And A Lifetime
08. River Of Pain
09. Ain't The One
10. New Horizon
11. With Sparrows
12. Better Morning

This is another power metal band that puts out exemplary material. The songwriting is well crafted, the production is wonderful, and the vocals are simply amazing. These guys play with precision and the songs are pretty much all mid-tempo. You get a good variety of heavy songs and melodic ballads. I think this band offers a lot of great music. Not to mention that these guys are apparently on the up and up about worldly political events and write some pretty strong stuff concerning that. They definitely put a lot of thought into the lyrics that they write.