Band Website:
Mojo Rib


Band Members:

Don McCurdy -- drums
Joe Favazza -- guitars
Jay Sosnicki -- vocals
Michael White -- bass
Drew Simon -- guitars


01. L.A. Hot Wax
02. Payback For The Mudshark
03. On The Grift
04. Tectonic
05. Bitch Magnet
06. Lucky In The Order
07. Sui-Sayonara
08. El Borracho
09. Skeezer
10. Dixie Witch

I put this CD in the player and I haven't been able to take it out except to upload it to my iPod so I can listen to it at the gym and in the car. I haven't this kind of steamy kick ass rock and roll in quite some time. The songs are rocking tunes talking about sex, partying, and rock and roll. These days people act like topics like that are passe and boring. Well, you can only take so much of I hate the world and I want to die. Sometimes you have to strip it down and crack open a few cold ones and rock the fucking woes away. The lyrics are fun and the guitar riffs are exactly what your air guitar has been waiting for. So kick back and enjoy some adrenaline fueled L.A. style rock and roll.