Band Website:
Mon Roe


Band Members:

Saint Anderson -- vocals
Per Berlin -- guitar
Jimmy Vai -- drums
Anders Svensson -- guitar
Peter Sundmark -- bass


01. Mexico
02. Won't Let You Go
03. Boys & Girls
04. Rise Or Fall
05. Get Away
06. Leave Me Alone
07. Someday
08. Do You Notice
09. No More
10. Easy
11. Fast Eddie
12. Smaller Things

This is another band from the melodic nation known as Sweden. You definitely have to pick up this disc. There are three songs on here that are favorites of mine. "Mexico", "Get Away", and "Boys & Girls". They're the kind of songs that are catchy and you sing along to. It's a very rocking album with great songwriting and good musical structures. Very melodic music with great harmonious vocals. I also like the tracking on the CD with slower tunes interspersed between the faster paced songs. I definitely recommend checking these guys out.