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Band Members:

Fernando Ribeiro -- vocals
Mike Gaspar -- drums
Ricardo Amorim -- guitar
Aires Pereira -- keyboards, guitar
Pedro Paixao -- bass


01. Halla Alle Halla Al Rabka Halla
02. Tenebrarum Oratorium
03. Interludium/Incantatum
04. Tenebrarum Oratorium
05. Opus Diabolicum
06. Chorai Lusitania
07. Goat On Fire
08. Ancient Winter Goddess
09. Wolves From The Fog
10. Serpent Angel

This was definitely a treat to listen to. The album inludes re-recordings of tracks from Under The Moonspell as well a song they recorded as Morbid Gods. So this material definitely goes way back in time and allows us a glimpse into their earliest recordings. The band decided to redo the arrangements but still retain the original essence of these recordings. This is definitely a more harder version of the band and they recorded this music at a time when this genre was new. This band in my opinion is great at writing great compisitions and apparently this is something they have always excelled at. There's a great mixture of dark and evil growls and melodious vocals. There's also some nice female background vocals mixed in at times. The music at times is brutal and at other times is quite ethereal giving the record a great balance. This CD was definitely an enormous pleasure to listen to.