Band Website:
Fearless Records


Band Members:

Bobby Garver -- vocals
Harrison Wargo -- piano, vocals
Andy McDonald -- bass
Matt Colussy -- guitar
Nick Baxter -- drums


01. Wake Up!
02. Done Writing Love Songs
03. Brand, New, Friends
04. Virginia
05. Clouds
06. Happy-Now
07. Follow Me Home
08. Honest (Apologies Endless)
09. Have You Tonight
10. Movin' Along

I have the EP from these folks and one thing I have to say is that they definitely put out some good upbeat music with great vocals and harmonies. That's what hits you in the face with "Wake Up!" And they keep it up through out the whole record. It took a couple of listens for me to really get into the record but that's a good thing. Because now every time I listen to the CD I discover new things. Like how well crafted the songs are and how lyrical content is well written. These guys have a theme that runs through out the record that centers around heartache and heartbreak but they approach that material in such a way that has a pleasant and upbeat feel about it. Being scorned in love never sounded so good. The record is refreshing and has somewhat of a 70's feel to it. All in all this is a great record and a real pleasure to listen to.