Band Website:
Motley Crue


Band Members:

Vince Neil -- vocals
Mick Mars -- guitar
Nikki Sixx -- bass
Tommy Lee -- drums


CD 1:
01. Shout At The Devil
02. Too Fast For Love
03. Ten Seconds To Love
04. Red Hot
05. On With The Show
06. Too Young To Fall In Love
07. Looks That Kill
08. Louder Than Hell
09. Live Wire
10. Girls, Girls, Girls
11. Wild Side
CD 2:
01. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
02. Primal Scream
03. Glitter
04. Without You
05. Home Sweet Home
06. Dr. Feelgood
07. Same Ol Situation
08. Sick Love Song
09. If I Die Tomorrow
10. Kickstart My Heart
11. Helter Skelter
12. Anarchy In The UK

Ah, Motley Crue. A band that came into my life in my teen years. My first Crue disc was Shout At The Devil when Vince could belt out those high notes. He's kind of lost that over the years which is sad but sometimes that happens. It had the fucking pentagram on the cover and looked totally bad ass. When I opened that gatefold I just knew I was in for one hell of a treat. Well, this live release came across my desk and I popped that first disc into my player, cranked it up, and fucking jammed. It was totally like you were actually there at the show. These guys manage to still kick ass many years after they first started out. You get a lot of classic Crue tunes plus a couple of new tunes from their last release. And these in my opinion are some of their best. I've read reviews where people complain about how raw and gritty the recording sounds. Well hell, Crue is raw and gritty. Isn't that what attracted us to those guys in the first place? These boys have always been raw and gritty. All I can say is pick this up and crank it up and piss off the neighbors!