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Band Members:

Mr. No -- drums
Hugo Menendez -- guitar
Bryan Black -- keyboards


01. Bleep #1
02. Unhuman
03. Drug Punk
04. 20 Volts Of Steel
05. Night Drive
06. Tete En Plastique
07. Don't Stop
08. Flashback
09. Re-format
10. AC 775
11. Sikk

I was introduced to this band when they put out Klunk. I really loved that CD because it was a combination of techno and industrial. Well now they have put out Unhuman and I'm really digging on this one as well. It's pretty much in line with Klunk which isn't a bad thing. I think these guys have a really unique style and it makes dance music a lot easier to listen to outside of a club because it has a harder edge to it. You've got some hardcore bass in your face. If you were hooked on the last record you'll dig this one.