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Band Members:

Lemmy Kilmister -- vocals, bass
Phil Campbell -- guitar
Mikkey Dee -- drums


01. Runaround Man
02. Teach You How To Sing The Blues
03. When The Eagle Screams
04. Rock Out
05. One Short Life
06. Buried Alive
07. English Rose
08. Back On The Chain
09. Heroes
10. Time Is Right
11. The Thousand Names Of God

There are a lot of constants in life and Motorhead is one of them. They constantly put out good records with an old school feel and a lot of punch in them. They are by no means a trendy band and they put out the kind of music that they want to put out and let's face it, no one sounds like Motorhead. I listened to the new record and I noticed a little bit of a difference. Some of the songs have a bit of variety in them. The boys have tried out some new shit and I think Motorhead fans will be pleased but make no mistake about it, this record is classic Motorhead. Some songs that might catch your attention are "Runaround Man", "Rock Out", "When The Eagle Screams", "Teach You How To Sing The Blues", and "The Thousand Names Of God". Check those out especially.