Band Website:
The Willycranes

Band Members:

Rev. Jesus Chrysler -- bass, vocals
Cohones Pistolero -- guitar, vocals
Dixon -- drums, cymbals
Billy Hill -- guitar, lead vocals


01. Woops 25
02. Maker
03. L Song
04. 212 & Die
05. Me Vs Me
06. Fully Sliding Way Of Live
07. Thinking With My Skin
08. Little Freaky Box
09. Maybe Not
10. Ride
11. Friend Ed
12. Woops
13. Maker

This is definitely another Swedish band that people should check out. This is a basically a re-release of Happy Motoring that was released in 2001 and Gone Fighting was released in 2003. I only have Happy Motoring but it's a really good taste of Californian style punk music. A lot of people who hear this record are reminded of NOFX. Definitely something you should check out.