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Band Members:

Leslie West -- vocals, guitar
Ozzy Osbourne -- vocals (track 1)
Warren Haynes -- guitar (tracks 2, 8) Corky Laing -- drums
Brian Mitchell -- accordion, piano, organ
Todd Wolfe -- guitar
Richie Scarlet -- bass
Kenny Aronson -- bass


01. Masters Of War
02. Serve Somebody
03. Blowin' In The Wind (heavy)
04. Everything Is Broken
05. Highway 61 Revisited
06. This Heart Of Mine
07. Subterranean Homesick Blues
08. The Times They Are A-changin'
09. Seven Days
10. Mr. Tambourine Man
11. Like A Rolling Stone
12. Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)

Whenever I get CDs from Mazur I always know I'm in for a treat because they have such great taste in who they represent. when I saw this I knew I was in for a real treat so I made sure I put this in when no one would interrupt me and I listened to the CD. The title track with Ozzy on vocals sent chills down my spine. It was that good and that true. I knew most of the songs on this collection because I grew up listening to my parents records. I listened to Peter, Paul, & Mary, Johnny Cash, The Byrds, Bob Dylan. So it was really cool to listen to Leslie's take on these classics. "Like A Rolling Stone" is done to just drums and it came out great. The musicians really did an amazing job on this record and Leslie West definitely sounds like he's on fire. This is definitely a must have record. Ritchie Scarlet from Ace Frehley fame even makes an appearance on some of these songs.