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Band Members:

Ralf Gyllenhammar -- lead guitar, vocals
Mats Hansson -- drums
Mats Johansson -- bass


01. In The Night
02. Double Nature
03. Falling Down
04. The Heckler
05. I Wanna Be Loved
06. Scyphozoa
07. Spreading The Worst
08. Bring Me Everyone
09. Forever Begins Today
10. I Am Not Aggressive
11. The End

These guys hail out of Sweden and are pretty popular in Europe. Apparently they've been nominated for a couple of Swedish grammys which isn't too shabby. They are basically an old school heavy metal band with great riffs and catchy songs. The vocalist has been compared to Ian Astbury from the Cult and that's pretty true. They sound quite a bit alike. However these guys have their own sound and aren't copying anyone else. They have very solid songs and the record really keeps your attention all the way through. Definitely highly recommended.