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Band Members:

Mike Herrera -- vocals, bass, keyboards
Tom Wisniewski -- guitar
Yuri Ruley -- drums, percussion


01. Secret Weapon
02. Shut It Down
03. Here's To The Life
04. Top Of The Charts
05. Punk Rawk Celebrity
06. Contention
07. Angels
08. Drowning
09. Chop Shop
10. You're On Fire
11. Bass So Low
12. Sad Sad Song
13. Never Better Than Now
14. Biting The Bullet (Is Bad For Business)
15. Not Nothing
16. Tightly Wound

I've listened to this CD several times and I just totally love it. The songs are very melodic and toe tapping tunes. The running theme on this record seems to be about relationships. We've all had them and the songs definitely have an honest take on them. The record is very strong and solid and there isn't a song on here that I don't appreciate it. It seems like MXPX have gone back to their old school roots but at the same time show a maturer style of writing. All the songs are catchy and witty and the guys are in top form. Definitely a must have!