Band Website:
Tiefdruck Musik


Band Members:

Tairrie B -- vocals
Mick Murphy -- guitar Chris Lisee -- bass
Matt LeChevalier -- drums


01. Ready For Blood
02. Momento Mori
03. Skeleton Key
04. Me Without You
05. Religiosity
06. Slide You The Horn
07. Not This Time
08. Dragon Steel
09. Nothing Is Sacred
10. Through The Wound

All I can say is excellent album. My Ruin has basically returned to their roots and have produced a record that has absolutely no fillers. Every song is blistering with great guitar work and vocals of a possessed woman determined to nail your ass every time she opens her mouth. The band has definitely matured and while people were a bit concerned by "The Brutal Language", I think this record is going to wipe away those concerns. This band has faced some adversity and has come back with quite a punch.