Band Website:

Band Members:
Antonio Aguilar -- guitar, vocals
Meg Castellanos -- bass
Johann Zamora -- drums


01. Float
02. Screwed
03. Cellophane
04. The Bleed
05. Dirt Farmer
06. Vitreol-A
07. Oblivian
08. Horselaugh

This is a very cool CD. The band is heavy, melodic, and incorporates clean vocals. Apparently this album was released on another label and Crucial Blast picked it up and re-released it which was a wonderful thing. This band has what's called a sludge type of sound along with heavy vocals and some damn fine drumming thrown in. There are a couple of instrumentals on here that are definitely worth listening to. The musicianship on here is just amazing. There are some cool extras on here like a video for "Cellophane" and a tour video as well. This Oakland trio is definitely worth checking out!