Band Website:
Mystic Prophecy


Band Members:

R.D. Liapakis -- vocals
Martin Grimm -- guitar
Markus Pohl -- guitar
Martin Albrecht -- bass
Mathias Straub -- drums


01. Back From The Dark
02. Sacrifice Me
03. Dark Forces
04. Satanic Curses
05. Evil Of Destruction
06. Demons Blood
07. Damnation
08. Rock The Night
09. We Will Survive
10. Grave Of Thousand Lies
11. Paranoid
12. We Fly

All I can say about this is wow. Fucking riff driven metal guaranteed to pound your ass in the ground. Everyone thought with Gus G. leaving the band that would be the end but it's a totally new beginning for these power metallers. The record has a very cool dark atmosphere and they've definitely sped their tempo up a bit. You can hear some thrash influences on this record which adds a special ingredient to the power metal sound. The record is very aggressive and a lot of people agree that this is a great follow up to Savage Souls. Keep it up boys!